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Cafe Pascucci

I suppose it's only fitting that the first coffee shop I mention is Cafe Pascucci. I frequent this place at least a couple of times a week typically, which is attested to by my current mayorship on Four Square (when I remember to check in), lol.

One of the great things about Cafe Pascucci is that it opens at 7a.m. - practically unheard of for coffee shops in Korea. The location by the Yeongtong Park bus stop is also quite convenient since it's the most prominent bus stop in Yeongtong.

Oooh, a shiny new map!

The employees are friendly, helpful, and several of them speak English. Prices on coffee aren't too bad and are comparable to most franchised coffee shops in Korea and range from about 3000 won to 5500 won. They also have a special in the early morning on Americanos (half price, maybe?). They also have a small selection of sandwiches and pastries. They aren't bad, but the sandwiches are kind of small and are really more of a snack. The scones are dry unless freshly heated, but not bad. One of my favorites, though, is It's My Brownie - a walnut brownie. There is also a selection of bottled water and juices available.

The atmosphere is cozy (complete with Wi-Fi), but they tend to rearrange frequently. The chairs aren't too uncomfortable, and there's a small Book Cafe section with chairs that are more comfortable.

A Hazelnut Latte with It's My Brownie - breakfast of champions. Champions of what, though, I'm not so sure...

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