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Freshly: Final Thoughts


  • Meal planning is done ahead of time

  • Easy and quick prep when you're busy

  • Good for meals for one person

  • No need to go to the grocery store

  • High quality ingredients

  • Good packaging so if it sits on your doorstep for a while, it will remain cold and items are undamaged

  • Most meals taste pretty good

  • Nutritional information is provided, so if you're watching your caloric intake, that's good

  • All meals seem to be gluten free


  • Price per serving is kind of high compared to buying ingredients yourself

  • Not a lot of variety week to week in meal selections

  • Not good for a larger family

Overall, I really enjoyed the meals from Freshly, and I have continued them periodically since my initial 4 weeks. The meals are convenient and I really liked almost all of them. Being able to just pop a freshly (ha!) prepared meal in the microwave is super handy. They are unfortunately kind of expensive without using a discount or coupon, so that is a big negative, but the convenience is nice

At the moment, I would give Freshly an overall 3/5 rating. This may change as I try more meal delivery services.

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