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Samsung Electronics

Most of the documents are only available via the actual application as .CHM or online help files instead of PDFs. I've noticed that most 3rd-party sites that offer these applications for download have used portions of text that I've written from the user manuals (e.g., Easy Printer Manager). I did not have PDFs of the manuals I created but instead (stupidly) linked to them on the Web. Of course, none of those links work anymore. 

Note: Not all documents that I worked on are listed due to confidentiality clauses in my contract.

The following are lists of the documents that I created while working for the Printing Division at Samsung Electronics:

White Papers

  • AnyWeb Print 1.0 White Paper

  • AnyWeb Print 2.0 White Paper

  • Mobile Print White Paper

  • Easy Deployment Manager White Paper

  • Easy Printer Manager White Paper

User Guides/Admin Guides

  • Windows 8 Quick Start Guide for Samsung PCs

  • Common Access Card (CAC) Solution

  • CounThru Pro/Ent 2.0

  • CounThru Pro/Ent 2.5

  • Easy Deployment Manager

  • Easy Document Creator

  • Easy Printer Manager

  • Mobile Print App (iOS manual)

  • SecuThru 1.0

  • SmarThru Workflow 3.0

  • SyncThru Web Service

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