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DD Chicken

I might as well start the blog off with one of my favorite chicken places in Yeongtong - DD Chicken. I've only tried the chicken fingers and wings, but they are both quite good and well priced. You even get a 1000 won discount if it's a carry-out order. They also deliver in the area if you're so inclined to try to order. The couple that run the place (the new couple - I guess the previous ones are no longer there) speak limited English, so you may be able to place an order as long as you know what you want and your address.

This box of chicken fingers, along with a small can of Pepsi, a pack of radishes, and a couple of sauces is just 12000 won for carry-out.

Update: August 4, 2011 *sigh* Well, while walking home from Homeplus tonight, I noticed that my dear DD Chicken is gone. It will be sorely missed since it was so conveniently located near my apartment. However, fret not! There are some other chicken places in the area, I'll introduce one tomorrow.

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