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HelloFresh: Final Thoughts


  • Meal planning is done ahead of time

  • All of the ingredients for a meal are provided

  • Can learn a new recipe and have the prep cards to keep

  • No need to go to the grocery store

  • Good variety of meals available for selection

  • High quality ingredients

  • Good packaging so if it sits on your doorstep for a while, it will remain cold

  • Most meals taste pretty good

  • Good to spend time cooking with someone else


  • Price per serving is kind of high compared to buying ingredients yourself

  • Some of the prep is tedious

  • Prep time seems to be geared towards pros in the kitchen

  • If you don't really have time or energy to cook, it doesn't really help that some of the meals can take up to an hour to fix

  • Some of the cooking steps can be easy to mess up

  • Cooking for one is possible with the meals but better for two

  • Extra ingredients, like tomatoes or limes or lemons, would be nice

  • If you're concerned about calories in your meals, these meals seem to be pretty high in calories

Overall, HelloFresh wasn't bad, but I wouldn't continue it since I really don't feel like cooking a meal every night when it's just me. Having all of the ingredients for a meal and not having to meal plan is nice, but it's still not worth it to me.

At the moment, I would give HelloFresh an overall 2.5/5 rating. This may change as I try more meal delivery services.

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