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Project: Meal Prep Delivery Plans Review

Alrighty, so, I've decided on a food project for 2020 to also maybe help me eat a bit healthier and not eat out or order pizza as often. Granted, I haven't been doing that much lately anyway.

As I'm sure many of you can relate to at some point in your life, grocery shopping and cooking meals for one or even for two can be a challenge. This is especially true if you don't like the same kinds of food or have dietary restrictions. On top of that, there's just the time it takes to cook a meal in the evening after work if you've had to work late or work weird hours, plus the time involved for grocery shopping and meal planning. It can just seem like a huge chore and running through McDonald's wins out.

Enter meal delivery services. The market for these services has seemed to explode in the last few years with many options available, ranging from microwaveable meals to quick-prep meals. These also can come at quite a high cost per meal. Many of the services do offer a pretty good discount for the initial order to get you in the door, then they just hope that it's convenient enough and cost effective enough for you to keep you around.

I've currently identified 15 services to try and review this year:

  1. Freshly

  2. HelloFresh

  3. Dinnerly

  4. Blue Apron

  5. Factor_

  6. Home Chef

  7. EveryPlate

  8. Gobble

  9. Sun Basket

  10. Martha & Marley Spoon

  11. Purple Carrot

  12. Green Chef

  13. Fresh and Easy

  14. Daily Harvest

  15. HungryRoot

At the moment, I'm planning on looking at the cost per meal/serving, compare the cost of the meals to the cost of groceries to buy the ingredients yourself, taste, ease of prep, and variety of options. I'll look at each service individually, then at the end, rank them in order (in my opinion) from best to worst.

I'll be using cups of coffee as my ranking system for each section:

I plan on cancelling each service after my initial trial and moving on to the next one: two concurrently, if I can, to speed this up a bit.

The first services up to bat are Freshly and HelloFresh, which should both be delivered next week!

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